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Explaining the three NFT collections: What they are(good for) and how they will shape the community

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Since the Fusion update, there has been a surge in the trade volume of our NFT collections. We take that as a good sign that you are having fun fusing your Sidekicks!

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To understand how a Web3 project works, it’s essential to comprehend the on-chain elements and their purposes within the overall project roadmap. You’re probably already aware that we’ve created other NFT collections besides the Sidekicks — Ambassador Badges and Villains. As the trade volume of Sidekicks increases, we see that the other two are also gaining more attention. However, there has been relatively little information about the Ambassador Badges and Villains.

Today, we’ll cover the three NFT collections issued by Supervillain Labs. This article aims to explain how each NFT collection works mechanically and how we envision them benefiting their holders.

Note: Capsule NFTs will not be discussed here, as the initial Sidekick Draw event has expired.

Let’s start with the best-known collection, the Sidekicks!

SuperV Sidekicks

Sidekicks are creatures that play a crucial role in the Supervillain Idle RPG. They amplify the Villains’ abilities, thus increasing the overall power of the player.

Sidekick NFTs were first created during the Supervillain Sidekick Draw event that ran from March 27 to May 1. Around 83K Sidekicks were born during the event. Since the Fusion feature was updated, the number has decreased to about 50K (because fusing two Sidekicks results in one new Sidekick), but a new Sidekick Capsules supply event is approaching, so we will see the population growing again soon!

Players who possess Sidekick NFTs in their SVL Inventory can use those Sidekicks inside the game. While Sidekicks are also available in-game, they will be quite scarce. Therefore, having some nice Sidekicks in your Inventory will be helpful when playing the Supervillain Idle RPG.

Besides the actual utility in the game, what else can be expected?

Legendary Sidekick Holder Reward Event

Legendary Sidekick holders will be granted special benefits, acknowledging their status as the proud owners of these limited NFTs.

Holders who have…

• 1 Legendary Sidekick NFT: will receive a Supervillain original costume, which is also an NFT and can be traded.

• 3 Legendary Sidekick NFTs or more: will be granted the original costume plus a premium SVL membership, with more details revealed in July.

This event will take place just before the game’s launch for a limited time. We will keep you updated!

Post-Launch Rewards

Following the launch of the Supervillain Idle RPG, all holders of Rare or higher rarity grade Sidekick NFTs will receive a Gamer Starter Pack, regardless of the number of Sidekick NFTs owned.

SuperV Ambassador

Ambassador Badges have been gifted to early members of Supervillain Labs who participated in the Villain Suitability Test event conducted from February to March 2024. Among the 16 different kinds of badges in the collection, one badge was given to the participant according to their test result.

The Ambassador Badge, as a limited collection, offers various benefits to its holders. Previously, during the Supervillain Sidekick Draw from March 27 to May 1, holders of Ambassador Badges were given a Sidekick Capsule, which they could use to mint a random Sidekick NFT.

But that’s not all; there will be more benefits for Ambassador Badge holders. Above all, the Ambassador Badge will work like a priority pass in various events by Supervillain Labs. Here are some examples:

Priority Access for Community Events

Priority for entry tickets in various community events, such as the upcoming AMA Space Afterparty on June 29.

Participation in Exclusive Giveaways and Partnership Events

Opportunities to participate and win rewards in exclusive events.

SuperV Cash(tentative name)

Discount for SuperV Cash recharge. SuperV Cash are special points that can be used for purchasing game items.

SuperV Villains

SuperV Villains were given to early members who participated in the Villain Suitability Test, just like the Ambassador Badges. There are 16 different Villains, paired with the 16 kinds of Ambassador Badges.

Epic Villain Random Box

SuperV Villains basically have one function: they can be exchanged for an Epic grade Villain random box inside the Supervillain Idle RPG. Villains are characters that aid the player with their powerful skills, so having a strong Villain is a must! Players can have up to six Villains in their party.

Epic Villain random boxes will become available at game launch. Players need to link their game account with the Supervillain Inventory to gain access to their on-chain assets. By ‘using’ the SuperV Villain NFT, the NFT will be burned, and an Epic random box will be delivered to the player’s game account. Upon opening the box, players are guaranteed to get one random Villain in Epic grade.

Please note that the list of villains obtainable from the Epic Villain Random Box may differ from the list of 16 villains that appeared in the Villain Suitability Test. This is because the villain characters in the test results were chosen based on their stories and appearances, and thus are not necessarily of Epic grade.

NFT: Neverending Fun & Thrill?

We hope this article helped you understand the characteristics of each Supervillain NFT collection.

NFTs, as on-chain assets, assure ownership by their nature, unlike traditional digital goods. The ownership aspect gives them a unique character: NFTs have the power to innovate games like never before. But with great power comes great responsibility: The innovation should not collide with the owners’ interests.

We at Supervillain Labs are dedicated to protecting the value of on-chain assets for the holders and, at the same time, designing products and developing technology to maximize the fun. Games should be fun in the first place, shouldn’t they?

But let’s not spoil the fun for now; we wanna spoil you with fun in the next article. See you next time!



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