Beauty in Simplicity: Easy Item Transfer for Stress-Free Web3 Gaming

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5 min readMar 7, 2024


Have you ever devoted your time, effort, soul, and life to a digital game, just to acquire that item you’ve longed for? Okay, there might be some exaggeration here, but most gamers can relate to the investment of their resources in farming game items.

If you’ve worked so hard for it, then it should indeed be yours! Truly owning something means you should also be fully capable of moving and disposing of it — farm it, own it, sell it, buy it.

But why does this suddenly become rocket science in Web3 gaming? You’re required to learn a plethora of new terms and vocabularies, “Do Your Own Research”, and be cautious enough not to get scammed, among other things. And all you wanted was just to manage your items with ease!

Enter Supervillains.

We found a way to disrupt these bad practices and chose to implement the game inventory directly on the blockchain. As a result, we’ve developed a Web3 game inventory system that is not only intuitive but also seamlessly integrates with your digital wallet.

Let’s examine it more closely!

My Inventory

On the Supervillain Labs website (, go to the ‘My Inventory’ tab. Items acquired in the game will be shown on the ‘Inventory’ page. The ‘Wallet’ page will be activated when you connect a digital wallet to the website.

Export Item: Transfer from Inventory to Wallet

In the ‘Inventory’ page, click the blue paper plane icon at the top right of the asset you want to send to your wallet. Click Confirm and sign with your wallet, and that’s it! Click on the ‘Wallet’ button on the left side of the page to check the asset you just exported from your inventory to your wallet. Likewise, you will be able to see the asset in your external Petra Wallet (i.e., web/app).

Import Item: Transfer from Wallet to Inventory

In the ‘Wallet’ page of ‘My Inventory’, click the yellow paper plane icon at the top right of the asset you want to import to your inventory. Click Confirm, sign with your wallet, done! Check the inventory, and you will see the item you just brought in.

Connecting Your Wallet to the Supervillain Labs Website

Go to My Inventory > Wallet. Click the ‘Connect Wallet’ button in the middle of the page. Enter the password in the extension program and approve the connection between your wallet and Supervillain Labs.

Your wallet is successfully connected! You will be able to see the items you own in the ‘Wallet’ page in ‘My Inventory.’ Only assets issued by Supervillain Labs will be displayed.

Please note that currently, only Petra Wallet can be connected to the Supervillain Labs website. This is because Petra is the only wallet for now that supports the new special feature developed by Aptos, which we will cover shortly.

No More Drama

Easy, right? No more fuss with transferring your assets acquired in the game to your wallet and vice versa. The process is as simple as just a few clicks.

Also, we’ve enhanced security and minimized costs by allowing only assets issued by Supervillain Labs to be moved. You can export assets from your inventory to your wallet for free — the fee is on us.

However, to prevent system abuse, there is a certain limit to the number of free transfers. Currently, you can enjoy this free perk up to twice a day, but please understand that this policy might change due to circumstances. Importing assets from your wallet to your inventory, however, is unlimited.

And all this can be easily overseen in My Inventory.

Easy, easy…

A Bit of Technical Talk

To facilitate free asset import/export, we are using the Sponsored Transaction provided by Aptos. This allows you to designate the entity responsible for paying the gas fee, with Supervillain Labs taking on this role during the asset transfer process between Inventory and Wallet. Currently, only Petra Wallet supports this transaction type, but we expect more wallet solutions to support it in the future. We would be more than happy to provide more wallet connections on our website!

For a Better Web3 Gaming Environment

Our goal is to connect your gaming experience with the real world beyond simple fun, ensuring everything you achieve in the game holds true value. We hope our solution enriches your gaming experience, bringing greater satisfaction and convenience.

What’s great technology though, without a great game?

Well, stay tuned…

Wanna Test It Now? (Available for a Limited Time)

Participate in the Supervillain Suitability Test (available from Feb 14 to Mar 13, 2024) and get your Ambassador badge and villain. Once you receive them, they will be stored in the Inventory; go check it out!

Tell us, what kind of villain are you?



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