Here Comes the Kick: Mint a Sidekick NFT at the Supervillain Sidekick Draw!

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5 min readMar 22, 2024


Helloooo we’re back with some news!

Previously at Supervillain Labs…

Hello fellow villain, how does this day find you?

A lot has been happening at Supervillain Labs. To quickly recap:

  1. The Villain Suitability Test recently concluded, welcoming about 60K new members to the Supervillain website. We can’t thank you enough for your interest in our project.
  2. Following that, we revealed our first teaser, showcasing two games we are developing.

3. We also launched our Discord server! ->

Okay, done with the recap. This time we’re going to drop something we’ve hinted at before.

Introducing the Supervillain Sidekick Draw!

Stop right there, what are Sidekicks?

Sidekicks in the upcoming Supervillain Idle RPG are used to enhance Villain abilities and ultimately have the power to turn Villains into Supervillains.

They often take the form of cute animals, but the variety is boundless…

Sidekick Draw: How does it work?

The Sidekick Draw is a free event where you can mint a random Sidekick NFT to be used when Supervillain Idle RPG launches.

It will run from March 27, 7 a.m. to April 16, 7 a.m. (UTC) on the Supervillain Labs website.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Go to and sign in.
  2. Use 1 Capsule to draw 1 Sidekick.
    (Capsules serve as ‘gacha tickets.’)
  3. Your Sidekick is minted!

The results remain a secret for now and can’t be shown here. The loading is fake. Sorry about that lol

Minted NFTs will be stored in your Inventory. For the minting process, no wallets are necessary; your Supervillain account is all you need.

However, if you wish to transfer your NFTs, a wallet connection is required. You can find more about asset transfer in our previous article.

OK, I want a Sidekick. How Can I Get a Capsule?

There are 3 ways to obtain Capsules:

1. Have a Supervillain Ambassador Badge

Ambassador Badges were awarded to members who participated in our previous event, the Supervillain Suitability Test. Participants received a Villain NFT and a Supervillain Ambassador badge based on their test results.

An example of a Villain NFT and an Ambassador Badge, as the result of the Suitability Test
The Ambassador Badge collection features 16 types of badge designs.

Verifying badge ownership grants you 1 Capsule.

Remember that a badge can only be verified once!

2. Own a partner NFT: Aptomingos, Bruh Bears, Aptos Monkeys

If you are a proud owner of an Aptomingo, a Bruh Bear, or an Aptos Monkey, you can receive a Capsule by proving ownership.

In this case, please connect your wallet to the website to proceed with holder verification. Please kindly understand that only Petra wallet is supported on the website at the moment, because Petra is the only wallet that supports the Sponsored Transaction feature developed by Aptos.

You will get 1 Capsule for each NFT verified.

Be careful that an NFT can be verified only once!

3. Participate in community events

What to do if you don’t have any of those NFTs? Are you lost? Has the world given up on you? Is this universe going to end tomorrow?

Footage of a Capsule-less panda

Don’t worry, you still have a chance to get Capsules by participating in collab events hosted by our partner communities!

We’re eager to spread the word about our Supervillain Idle RPG to as many as possible, which is why we’re teaming up with various groups. Keep an eye out for events in your favorite communities. If they’re not yet involved, feel free to suggest they get in touch with us on Twitter or Discord.

Winners of collab events will receive 5 Capsules. So don’t fret if you missed the Ambassador Badge event or don’t own an amazing NFT!

YOU get Capsules! YOU get Capsules!

A Small Bite of Technical Stuff

Last but not least!

The Supervillain Sidekick Draw employs fully on-chain randomness: the rates and all draw results can be verified on the Trusted Loot Box Dashboard, which will be linked on the Sidekick Draw webpage. Here’s a sneak peek:

The Trusted Loot Box Dashboard displays details of the draw, such as the number of attempts made and the quantity of legendary Sidekicks claimed. Every transaction is recorded on the blockchain, ensuring the impossibility of secretly altering outcomes or engaging in fraudulent activities.

We’ll delve into more details about this in the near future!

Ready to Get Your Sidekicks And Kick Some Ass?


What: Supervillain Sidekick Draw

Wen: March 27 7.a.m — April 16 7 a.m. UTC


Who: Ambassador Badge owners, partner NFT owners, winners of collab events, anyone with Capsules

How: Mint 1 Sidekick using 1 Capsule

Why: Sidekicks are going to be used in the upcoming Supervillain Idle RPG and it’s super awesome

Scream if you’re ready!

Catch you at the Sidekick Draw.


It’s worth repeating: 1 NFT can be verified only 1 time. If an NFT was used for verification, it cannot be reused in this event.

Be vigilant if you plan to purchase NFTs(Ambassador Badges, partner collections) from marketplaces to acquire Capsules. We are not liable for any losses incurred from buying NFTs that have already been used for verification.



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