I’m Feeling Lucky: The Return of the Sidekick Capsules

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5 min readJun 14, 2024


Luck or F**k?

(Of course it stands for ‘Folk.’)

Return of the Sidekick Capsules

The Sidekick Capsules and the Sidekick Draw are coming back!

On June 18, Supervillain Labs is opening the web shop and the Sidekick Draw on the official website — time to test your luck.

But before we delve into the details about the new Capsules and the Sidekick Draw, we’d like you to take a look at the game, so that you have a better idea of the gameplay and how the different elements of the game work together.

The Basics

1 Captain, 6 Villains, 6 Sidekicks

Please remember this structure: Captain — Villains — Sidekicks!

Player Character (aka Captain)

You can present yourself inside the game by choosing your Player Character avatar. The Player Character is the ‘Captain’ of the squad. They level up as you play, and get promoted to the next stage when they reach a certain level.

You can choose among the three primary combat mechanisms of combo-, counter-, and critical attack for the Captain to focus on. All combat mechanisms have a rock-paper-scissor relationship: No one is ever the strongest nor the weakest. On the other hand, enhanced skill and crowd control are upper-level effects that work in synergy with the three primary mechanisms. Your gameplay goal will ultimately be to select and develop one of these five combat styles.

An overview of the combat styles


Villains are the trustworthy members of the squad. They come in five different elements, each with a unique skill that make every Villain special. Elements create synergy with the Captain’s combat style:

How the 5-element system works and what each element is strong at
Fire / Water / Wood elemental skills (from left to right)

You can put up to six Villains into one squad.

Who will be your favorite?


Sidekicks are creatures that enhance Villains’ abilities through their mysterious powers. During your adventure, you will encounter wild creatures that you can catch and tame, allowing your Villains to ride them.

Encountering a Sidekick of higher than Uncommon grade is a scarce opportunity. Legendary Sidekicks, in particular, can be captured only twice a day across the entire game. As Sidekicks are difficult to obtain, they are provided in a complete form — they do not require any more resources for growth. In-game, your luck is the only thing that counts.

Meanwhile, we have provided early community members of Supervillain Labs with free opportunities to obtain Sidekicks — and the results should be in your Inventory right now.

Capsule Supply & Sidekick Draw

Back to the Capsule Sale and Sidekick Draw update:

A limited number of Sidekick Capsules will become available for purchase for the first time, and will continue to be so in the future on a regular basis. Together with the Capsule Sale, the Sidekick Draw becomes available again, revamped. It will be a permanent feature on the website.

The Sidekick Capsules in the Shop are off-chain items, therefore they are neither ‘minted’ nor can be traded. There is no WL either.

Purchase is possible via APT at the moment. More ways of payment will be added gradually for your convenience.

When: June 18, 2024, 0 a.m. UTC

Where: https://supervlabs.io — visit our Shop!

How many: 40,000 Sidekick Capsules, FCFS

Payment: via APT

Price: We have prepared 4 different packages. Better deal if you buy in bulk!

Sidekick Draw Perks

With the Capsules purchased in the Shop, you can mint Sidekicks in the Sidekick Draw menu.

You can get additional rewards if you mint a certain number of Sidekicks and fill up the gauge. (Note: Gauge can be filled up only once; progress does not reset.)

And there’s something we’ve been wanting to show you for so long:

Presenting to you, our first partner collaboration costume, featuring GUI INU!

The costume INU DisGUIse and the sword Ghost Flame can be worn by the Player Characters(the Captain) to give them a unique kick.

GUI INU in action!

It will be only available during the first sale, and when all 40K Capsules sell out, the GUI costume won’t be available anymore.

Next Stop: Pre-registration and AMA!

We will start with pre-registration of Supervillain Idle RPG on the App Store and Play Store on June 25.

Consequently, on June 29, we are going to have our first Community AMA in the SVL Discord Server — followed by an afterparty that’s going to be a very special experience. We’ll share more about it soon(not soon ™ but really soon)!

Let’s have a blast, FOLKS!



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