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3 min readMay 29, 2024


A Quick Guide on the Sidekick Fusion Update

We’re back and ready to go!

Hello Villains!

As we announced at the beginning of May, the Sidekick Fusion feature is finally live!

What Is Fusion Good For?

The primary purpose of introducing the Fusion feature is to provide Common and Uncommon Sidekicks with a second chance, enhancing their value and usability. While other grades of Sidekicks can also benefit from this feature, users should be mindful of potential drawbacks associated with fusing higher-grade Sidekicks.

Dear god of Fusion, please give my Common Sidekicks a second chance…

This is not a temporary event, but it’s a permanent feature. Don’t feel FOMO about Fusion as you may use it anytime in the future on the Supervillain Labs website!

FYI: Epic grade Fusion will not be included in this update to prevent incidents resulting from users fusing them without fully understanding how the feature works. Once the Fusion feature becomes more familiar to our users, we are likely to add Epic grade Fusion to our website.

How to Use Sidekick Fusion

The basics are as follows:

  1. Select which rarity of Sidekicks you wish to use for Fusion. You can toggle among Common, Uncommon, and Rare tabs.
  2. Select the Sidekicks you want to use for Fusion. You need to select an even number (2, 4, 6… up to 20).

3. Proceed with Fusion by confirming the list of Sidekick pairs you want to fuse. Please note that all selected Sidekicks will be burned, and new Sidekicks will be created, half the number of the selected Sidekicks, with a possibility of becoming a higher grade.

Important Notes

  • Sidekick Fusion is conducted fully on-chain to ensure transparency and trust in probability.
  • For Sidekick Fusion, 2 Sidekicks of the same grade are required as Fusion material. The Fusion results in 1 Sidekick of the same or higher grade. All materials will be burnt once the Fusion is complete.

Fusion Probability

The results of Sidekick Fusion follow the probability tables shown below.

You may also refer to the Dashboard for more detailed information.

That’s it! Simple, isn’t it?

We’ll be back soon with a new read, revealing more exciting details about the game. Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy the thrill of Fusion, and of course, we wish you good luck!

See you in the next article!



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