Supervillain Labs 1st AMA: The Talk, and the Afterparty

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5 min readJun 24, 2024


This is not your average AMA.

Attention, AMA approaching!

Hello hello Villains!

As previously announced, our very first AMA is happening this Saturday, June 29, at 1 p.m. UTC! Sponsored by Aptos, Intella X, and GUI INU, the AMA consists of 2 parts: The Talk, and the Afterparty.

AMA Part 1: The Talk

The AMA will be held in our Discord — and is featured by

  1. Kate aka Sapsal(CM), who will be moderating the show
  2. Joseph(CEO, co-founder), the AMA guru
  3. Lucas(CEO, co-founder), the cornucopia of innovative ideas
  4. Minsu(Lead of Supervillain Idle RPG), who will be there to answer your most burning questions about the upcoming game!
From top left, clockwise: Kate, Joseph, Minsu, Lucas

Please note that we will use English for the AMA. We are going to share a text recap after the AMA, so in case you missed it or it was difficult to understand, don’t worry!

One more DON’T: Don’t forget to submit your questions if you have anything you want to ask us! (We accept questions submitted by June 26, 1 p.m. UTC.)

AMA Part 2: The Afterparty

Come on, party animals

The AMA on Discord will be followed by part 2 — the Afterparty, happening inside a virtual space! Many of you’ve probably already seen some sneak peeks on X…

What are we playing?

The Afterparty is a gaming party where you can engage in 3 different games: Jump Race, Racing Bets, and Cage Fight Bets.

(Note: All screenshots were taken during our internal test.)

Only forward!

For the first game, the Jump Race, you need agility plus nausea resistance. You will be running and jumping around using your mouse and keyboard, and compete against other players until you reach the goal. You will earn Chips according to your rank.

(left to right): Sapsal — Nathan — Serim — Daniel — Joseph — Yuri — Lucas — KS

For the second and third game, you need luck! These eight team members of SVL will compete in a horse race(or should we say, it’s human race?) and fight against each other in cage fights.

[Racing Bets] Will we see Sapsal’s moment of glory ever again?
[Cage Fight Bets] CEO vs CEO: Who will take over Supervillain Labs?

The Chips you’ve earned in the Jump Race will be used for the bet, and the top 10 players with the most Chips at the end will be rewarded! Even if you have totally failed the Jump Race, you might become the big-timer in the last two games — the one who laughs last is the winner, you know?

So how do I get in?

Unlike AMA Part 1, which anybody can join through our Discord, the Afterparty has limited capacity. Here’s how you can get an admission ticket!

  • Ambassador Badge Holders (100 tickets): Those who have 1 or more Ambassador Badges in their Inventory (not wallet!) can enter the raffle for a ticket. Visit for the application!
  • Discord Members (20 tickets): Participate in the raffle event in the SVL Discord server! Stay tuned for the announcement on Discord.
  • Twitter (5 tickets): Like and RT a designated post, and comment with your Inventory ID. Find and follow @supervlabs on Twitter and you’ll find the relevant post!
  • Holders of 3 or more Legendary Sidekicks: We have taken a snapshot of all Legendary Sidekick holders as of June 24, 2024, 0 a.m. UTC. If you are qualified, please fill out this form by June 26, 0 a.m. UTC.

Winners will be announced on June 27 on Discord.

System Requirements and Game Download

Check out the system requirements to enter the Space.

To access the Space for the Afterparty, you will need to download a game client prior to the event. We will share the download link in the SVL Discord server, along with the winner announcement.

What rewards will be given?

Last but not least, these are the rewards for the players of AMA Part 2!

  • Everyone who got their tickets to the Afterparty: Exclusive character costume NFT for Supervillain Idle RPG
  • Top 10 Rankers: GUI tokens (total worth $1,000 USD)
  • 10 Random Players Who Enter the Space and Play: Jambo Phone
A Project ARK-Inspired Character Costume

Make sure you show up to get a chance to receive ALL THREE rewards!

See you on Saturday!

As you can expect, we are very much looking forward to the AMA — above all, this is the first time the team actually has closer contact with the community! We sincerely hope we can deliver our thoughts and plan in a way that is clear and easy to understand, so that we can share the same vision and move forward!

Hope to see everyone on Saturday, at 1 p.m. UTC, in the SVL Discord server. Bye until then!



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