Unleash Your Inner Villain — Claim your Villian Identity Today!

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3 min readFeb 14, 2024

Ahoy, villain wanna-bies! Unveil your inner antagonist, claim your identity, and secure your badge today with our exclusive test!

We’re excited to unveil our newest community initiative: the Villain Suitability Test!

This isn’t just another fun addition to our game — it’s a transformative experience that lets you personalize your journey. By taking part, you’ll discover a unique asset that reflects your inner villain.

But the adventure doesn’t stop with creating your ideal villain characters, or ‘waifus’. The ambassador badge, another treasure you’ll gain, is more than a mere collectible. It’s a personalized, on-chain record that accompanies you on your gaming quest, marking your achievements and progress.

Let’s dive deeper into what this means and how you can get involved in this captivating new feature.

Q. How to participate?

By following super seamless and simple step, you will easily find your villain persona and the badge inside your inventory.

  1. Go to https://supervlabs.io
You’ll see this page when entering supervlabs.io website.

2. Sign in (or Sign-up) with your social account.

Use your social credentials — a google account. It’s that simple!

3. Participate in ‘Villain suitability test’ by answering by your inner persona.

Find your villain archetype — I know that you have an answer inside

4. Check the result and claim.

Ta-da! Nami seems like the most similiar character that represents me!

5. Check your inventory from ‘My Inventory’ tab. Your account is binded with this on-chain inventory — to make seamless experience when game launches!

16 types of villain characters — which one is your favorite?

The test uncovers 16 unique villain types, each boasting its own narrative, complete with distinct synergy and anti-synergy groups. These can function as combination tactics or serve as a teaser for our upcoming community initiatives! 😈

Our primary goal remains to create a seamless, gamer-centric experience that makes entering the web3 gaming world easy and enjoyable for everyone. We’re cutting through the complex tech to put the fun first, a philosophy that Aptos also strongly supports, ensuring an accessible and enjoyable journey for all.

Our community engagement initiatives leverage on-chain metrics without requiring wallet connections, gas fee payments, and more on Aptos chain.

As a game developer, we are utilizing the token v2 standard to offer an on-chain inventory experience free from gamer prerequisites. More updates on both game side and trading side is just around the corner. Additionally, we’ll soon share detailed steps on how to transfer assets into your own custody!

Be sure to invite more villain frens to grow your archetype group, and stay tuned for more details in our upcoming announcement.

Welcome to the party, and let the game begin!



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